So, I finished a Tomten jacket for the baby girl of a co-worker. It was late, because she left work early and then I lost my will to get it done before she left, since there was no chance I could do that. School work kept interfering, but that's done, too, so now I have a choice: finish some of my WIPs (Emmaline, Minimalist Cardigan, to mention but two), or read some of the books I've bought but not read (at least three). Decisions, decisions. Anyway, here's the Tomten:


07/07/2012 13:25

Great site, did I read this right that its free from Weebly?

07/07/2012 14:00

Totally free - I paid for a domain name but Weebly is free. A teacher told us about it when we had an assignment to create a lesson, and I kept using it as a blog/website.


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